The Bald Spot


Oliver has a terrible bald spot. I mean TERRIBLE. He still sleeps on his back and, with that, rocks his head to go to sleep. It is slick as a ribbon back there and just so pitiful. I wanted to document it just for memories. Here’s to hoping he rolls to his belly soon and stops sporting a reverse old man style.


  1. Oh my goodness, sweet baby 🙂 My little girl is sporting that exact same look in back. She is finally getting some growth on top of her head, too bad the back is just spikey little hair nubs. Sigh.

    I keep telling myself this means she isn’t laying in the same spot all night and thus making her flat spot worse. Whatever you have to tell yourself, right?

  2. My kid too! Babies are bizarre. 🙂

    My daughter also had a bit of a flat head, despite all of our tummy time. Thankfully, it’s evening out, but a bald, flat-headed kid? I feared for her future.

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