Jack Jack and His Baby

Check_the_ear._He_just_snuggles_closer. This_old_dog_likes_to_pretend_like_he_is_annoyed_with_these_kids._I_know_the_truth._He_loves_his_baby.Jack has always been indifferent to these kids. He hasn’t been aggressive with them but he also hasn’t been super protective or anything of them. He likes to put on a big show of “I’m the big dog here” but he knows where he falls. But he is letting his facade slip a little. He secretly loves Oliver. If we are sitting in the floor playing, he will get closer and closer and come and lay with us. Most of the time he would just snuggle up to me but lately, he snuggles on Ollie if we let him. {Remember, he is a 70lb dog who doesn’t realize it and if he is frisky, he could possibly hurt the boy.} But sometimes he is in the perfect calm submissive state and just wants to love. He will lay near Ollie and lick him on the hands, feet and face. Ollie will quiver knowing it’s coming and just squeal. Jack just snuggles closer. Then lately, Ollie has been into wanting to pull up on things. On many occasion, he has reached up and clung to Jack’s loose skin and pulled to try and stand up. Jack doesn’t move. Then Ollie will grab his ears…and Jack just snuggles harder. It is one of the sweetest interactions to watch. The baby who is fascinated and that “cool guy” dog attitude that breaks down for “his baby”. I know your secret, Jack Jack….

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