Snow snow snow!

Today it has been snowing…and snowing…and snowing. I think we are around 6 inches and it is still coming down. SAS in closed so Kevin, Jack and I are hanging out watching the Inauguration. The most fun of today is Jack’s first big snow. We have had dusting before and he has slipped around a bit…but this is so much funnier. Since it is pretty windy, the snow kinda built up against the back door, so when I opened it, he was confused. He was starring at it and kind play bowed to it and then ran to the front door like “Isn’t there another option?” I was laughing so hard and called Kevin to come downstairs and we coaxed him out in the yard. He proceeded to pee and then frantically run around the yard. It was so funny! Anyway, we went out and played with him a few hours ago and had some fun time. He would go to bite the frisbee in the snow and then get it in his nose and whiskers and sneeze :). I got some shots. I uploaded a lot more onto Facebook if you want to check them out…most of you guys have that.

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