Dear Thumper: Week 32

Dear Thumper,

Wow little mann, we are moving along. I am starting to worry a little because of all these babies coming early! You stay in there…or you will be grounded. Mommy and daddy want to see you really bad but you have more growing to do. You are getting closer to having a name but you will know when you get here :). we even resorted looking up your name in the urban dictionary today and you sounds pretty awesome ;).

You seem to be slowing down on kicking but you seem to like stretching out. I am getting stretched in 2 directions at once. I don’t mind. I am not uncomfortable…no matter how many strangers assume so. I don’t have bad heartburn, my back doesn’t hurt and my ankles aren’t too big yet. We played tag this week where I would poke you and you would poke back. It was fun :).

Well we have our first shower tomorrow in mommy’s home town. Hopefully we can get some good eats!


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