Damn You Day Time Television

Maternity leave is a fickle bitch. You get this time to recover and bond with your baby. That is wonderful. But then you have these ranging hormones, a fussy baby, and then the dreaded, daytime television! For those of you who know me well, you know I am not an overly emotional person. Even in pregnancy, I kept waiting for these crying spells everyone talked about. You know the scene. Prego lady crying at a Kleenex commercial. I never had that. I don’t even know if I cried while pregnant at all. Well those suckers are coming at me full force.

This first instance happened before we even got out of the hospital. I was feeding Landon and watching CSI reruns. Kevin went to refill my water cup (literally seconds) and by the time he was back I was bawling and yelling for him to change the channel. It was the episode where the couple basically euthanize their baby because they think he has tay-sachs like their last baby they lost. Yeah…and of course the baby didn’t have tay-sachs. I was a puddle of goo. Now to note, I know it has to be directly related to me doing something with Landon. Feeding being a big one…which I know hormones are raging. Reason I say this, I have been watching A LOT of CSI these past few weeks and that hasn’t happened again. And there have been dead kids and ridiculous scenarios galore. I am posting this now because it just happened again. Landon has been pretty fussy today except for the cat naps he has taken on my chest. He also has started to actually have real tears…it is terrible. Mean ole mother nature. Anyway, he was fussing when I was changing him and I started crying. Then I started watching the Dog Whisperer with these awesome people trying to help very aggressive dogs. They start crying and I start crying. Ugh. Now I have a headache…but I do have a sleeping baby in his swing(cha ching!). Maybe I need to just stick with MTV and VH1 during the day like a normal person.

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