We have a spunky one on our hands

Yes folks, he is ‘spunky’ to say the least. I figured I would do a big ole update since I had a minute. So here are some things the boys is doing all of a sudden:

  • Hitting – o yeah. Full on hitting when mad. Hitting us, hitting the dog, hitting himself. Temper is fiery in this one.
  • Head butting – I wish I was kidding. When bullet 1 doesn’t work, we resort to head butting…be it mommy, daddy or the wall.
  • Dancing – Yeah he is a dancing fool. I can’t EVER get it on camera though. We have daily dance parties where we put on some Black Eyed Peas Pandora and let him go to town. He seems to really like Rihanna. He bounces, spins, and shake his arms.
  • Trying to jump – There is a song they sing at school where they “jump up and down”. He can’t quite figure it out but he walks around on his tippy toes. It is hilarious
  • Talking – he is really starting to try to repeat more words. Also, the infamous NO has shown up and it isn’t just one…we get “no no no no no” with lots of head shaking. Joy. Other terms spoken now: “oh no(or no NOOO)”, “mama”, “poo poo”, “Josh”, “coco(for coloring)”, “tweet tweet”, “quack”, “woof”, “Pablo(his stuffed penguin)”, “uh oh”
  • Helping – he LOVES to help. His first ever chore has become feeding the dog. He gets Jack’s bowl, carries it to the pantry, waits for me to scoop the food, and takes it back to Jack’s spot. He also likes to help put his dishes away from the dishwasher, wipe his tray down, put his toys away(sometimes), and Swiffer the floor 🙂
  • Pretend – It is AWESOME to see his imagination starting to work. He loves to “cook”. At school he stays at that center a lot apparently. His little friend Julien is always helping him in the mornings :). We set up his table in the kitchen yesterday and he has been making soup and pouring juice constantly. He can add salt and pepper and taste test.
  • Waking up at the ass crack of dawn – for whatever reason, 5:30 wake ups have become usual. Most mornings he goes back for a little bit but sometimes he just stands there and whines. Ultra annoying. Hope it is just a developmental phase.
  • Recognition – they have been working on recognized people and things at school. This week Landon pointed to all his friends and teacher by name and even points to himself when prompted. Yay Landon!
  • Sorting – he is into sorting shapes. He favors circles and stays away from triangles if he can help it. We got him a thing of pegs with wooden shapes to stack and count. He knows when to put the color on that colored peg. So smart 🙂
  • TV junky – this is a long subject I am going to reserve for another post. I have a love hate relationship with it.
  • Aggravating – yup! He got that damn Langdon gene. He will do something with this smirk on his face like “I know I shouldn’t be doing this but gonna try until they physically make me stop and I lose my shit”. He knows the dog hates the Swiffer and chases him with it. Poor Jack Jack. Grated he gets the daredevil nature from me, but the aggravating comes from the other 23 chromosomes.

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