River Vlogging

or listening to me ramble and say awesome way too many times.


  1. I get an error message saying “This video is private” when I try to watch.
    Are you hiding it from me because I like to say awesome a lot?

  2. if you hear a lot of wind and if you see that my hair is flying and the trees are going, its because its windy……deep shit

  3. I agree with Rachel. I was really appreciative that you told me what that crazy stuff was that was causing your hair and the trees to move.

    “If you hear a lot of wind…it’s because it’s windy”

    At around the 2 minute mark I started thinking “man, what is that noise and why is her hair moving?” but then I remembered, it was the wind.

    And maybe I’m harping on that and giving you flack because I’m jealous you were at the beach drinking margaritas while I’m having fun in 100 degree heat with about 80% humidity.

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