BumEase Review and Giveaway!!!

One merit badge of motherhood that I was not aware of is the “Your Hands Will Smell of Diaper Cream for Eternity”. The ring finger nail on my right hand is always whiter than all the rest.  It is crazy.  Then when there really is a rash or irritation? Rubbing is some sort of torture for the child.  I just feel so bad. The world of rubbing cream on a butt has never been glamourous. So when I met Bettina of Wake Innovations recently at a Femfessionals meet up and found out her company made a SPRAY ON diaper cream, I barely could control myself from interrupting her introduction. MUST HAVE!

Meet BumEase. A zinc oxide spray-on diaper cream to provide coverage without the rubbing. So think Desitin in spray form.  Of course it isn’t as thick as the stuff in the tube/tub but same active ingredients.  Just apply the layers you need. It also doesn’t leave the same amount of residue you get from Desitin.

Fortunately we have not had many diaper rash problems but we always use zinc oxide for overnight and long stretches in the diaper. We sometimes have some irritation from a poop here and there but a night with cream on, he is back to himself.  So lets write that out the sobering way. I have put on diaper cream EVERY NIGHT for 2.5 years. Holy moly! No wonder I can’t get rid of that faint smell on my hand. So when we got the sample from BumEase, I was pretty excited for bedtime. I did that first spray and was pleasantly surprised! Great coverage spray, I could see the zinc oxide like usual and no mess on me! WIN! Now Landon has started calling it the “funny cream” because it makes him giggle every time I spray it.

Another awesome highlight of Wake Innovations is their partnership with Raleigh based, Community Workforce Solutions(CWS).  CWS helps individuals with mental or physical handicaps obtain job training.  These individuals label, box and ship their product, helping them with fulfillment of orders. How awesome is that? I love supporting local business but this is a whole new level!

You can currently get BumEase at any NC Kerr Drug as well as order online through their website or Amazon. They will also be attending the Southern Women’s Show here in Raleigh April 27-29th at the Fairgrounds.  Come check them out there if you are local!

Now because I know you guys are just going to love this, BumEase is looking to giveaway a bottle of their awesome spray to 3 lucky winners! To enter to win (leave a comment for each to count):

  1. MANDATORY: Leave a comment tell me why you need this!
  2. Follow BumEase of Facebook.
  3. Follow BumEase on Twitter.
  4. Tweet about the giveaway: (“I entered to win a NEW spray on diaper cream by @BumEase over at @Mannlymama http://www.mannlymama.com/?p=2238”
Let the games begin! Contest ends Feb 29th at noon. Also, as I am a giving person, if you are from Canada, Alaska or Hawaii, I will be happy to ship the winnings myself because I love this product so much.

Side Note: For any Triangle, NC ladies looking for a network of professional ladies and a way to help grow your small business, consider joining FemFessional of Raleigh.  We have a networking event this Friday at Brio at Crabtree.  If you are interested, sign up here. The topic with be about building your personal brand with another follow up event complete tips from a professional photographer on getting that head shot, and we’ll raffle off a free photo session to get the head shot! I will be there, so come see me!


  1. I will give two reasons…1. the obvious not sexy smell of Desitin on my hands is just not cute, and 2. my tot is so wiggly and squirmy I like the notion of just aim and coat!

  2. So I escaped teething-diaper-rashes for two kids…now comes Maëlle & I can tell you the minute a tooth even thinks about making an appearance. Homegirl is R-E-D. And she arches her back the minute we take the diaper off, knowing it will hurt her when we spread the cream we need to spread:( It breaks my poor Momma heart.
    So yes- NEED.

  3. OMG! As a mother to a 21 month old, I have used a lot of diaper cream. We’re not prone to diaper rash but we do tend to have poops that require a night or two of diaper cream. I would LOVE to have a spray that would go on quickly where I don’t have to wrestle with a soon-to-be 2 year old to get him to lay still so I can put cream on. I’m usually sweating by the end of the diaper change.

  4. I need this bc I’m tired of the tube of cream.. there’s always a tiny bit you can’t use bc it’s separated. Would love to try spray!

  5. Yeah, we could definitely use this. I do not love smelling like diaper cream all day, and I do. A definitely has a sensitive bum, and has even taking to announcing “my bottom is red, mama!” which is super fun in the grocery store, BTW. :/

  6. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever used diaper cream. I feel like I’ve missed out on some rite of parenthood. I was curious about FemFessional: do you have to have a small business or can you simply be interested in networking and meeting other fabulous ladies? You can reply on Twitter or via email if you’d prefer.

    • Anyone can join! I don’t have a business but just great to meet people. There is a connection event on March 15th out at Triangle Town Center and it helps raise money for Dress For Success. You should come!

  7. I need this because my toddler thinks me putting diaper cream on him is an open invitation for him to touch his own bottom.

  8. As a SAHM to 5 children, 2 that are still in diapers I would LOVE to try a spray on cream! My 2yr old son is getting difficult to change and reluctant to potty train. My 4 month old son being the youngest of 5 I will try anything that will make diaper changing easier and quicker to get through. The fact that my fingers will not be left with cream and smelling…BONUS!
    I am following on FB and Twitter:)

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