Toddler Dinners Meets Potty Training

SPECIAL TREATSo if you have been following my other sagas not associated with toddler dinners, you will know we are potty training.  Yeah.  Fun.  Well our newest journey has now become our biggest toddler dinner hurdle. Who knew?

We try to make him go before dinner. Sometimes he goes willingly and sometimes it is pulling teeth.  Then once he starts to get bored with his plate, he asks to potty. One night, it was just me and him and he asked 4 times while we were at the table. It is maddening.  We can’t tell him no because of course that time is gonna result in an accident.  Then we just feel like assholes.

Then to make this worse, try going out to eat. We went to the bathroom at the taco place 3 times in 30 minutes the other night. Nothing like laser towels to derail dinner (he actually ate really well and was behaved so I can’t complain too much..but I’m pregnant and like to eat my dinner instead of transport a toddler).

So does this happen to you, internets? How do you handle the constant requests but not derail potty training and end up with wet pants?


Toddler Dinner 1
Toddler Dinner 2
Toddler Dinner 3

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  1. Dinners continue to be my struggle. Thanks for keeping me in line. I also believe my child will wear a diaper for all times. Does that make adult diapers more or less awkward?

    • I said that too…then it just happened. Hopefully it works our for you. It is really nice not changing diapers…ya know for another month or so when I have to change 50 a day again. WOMP

  2. It will get better. When they are first potty training, they will go very often as soon as they feel the urge. It just takes a little time for them to learn they can hold it.

    Also PS I kept a pack of post-its in my bag for awhile during potty training because some kids are scared of self-flushing toilets. You can put a post-it over the sensor and then it won’t flush.

    • Well I would be ok with that…but he isn’t actually going. He just wants the trip. Little turd.

      He doesn’t care about the flushing toilets really…but I have heard of kids that do get freaked out. Fantastic tip!

  3. Maybe we’re just mean, but we tell Sebastian that he should have listened to his body better and went when we gave him the chance. He hasn’t had an accident yet (we potty trained in December with the three day method [which actually took four days]). But, he doesn’t normally say he has to potty during dinner. Our big issue is that he tries to get out of time-out by saying he has to pee.

  4. Yes, this totally happens to us. Constantly. It isn’t as big of a deal at home — I just get up and take them. I’m not used to eating my food warm anyway. 😉 At restaurants, it becomes very frustrating — especially because they still want to touch everything and hauling three little ones to the bathroom with me every time (6 times when we went for pizza last week!) is exhausting. Bo has been trained for quite awhile, but if he says he needs to go the girls immediately say they need to go as well. It’s like a domino effect.

    I have no words or wisdom for dealing with it except for “this too shall pass.”

  5. You know what no one tells you? That, as mom of three girls, I will spend every dinner out and every road trip and every social function of any kind- in the fricken bathroom 88% of my time. RYAN NEVER HAS TO GO!!

  6. I remember Will doing this for a week or two when he first potty-trained. Then it stopped with absolutely no intervention from me. I guess peeing got to be just as boring as eating. He’s been trained almost a year now and so now when he asks to go during dinner, we tell him to deal with it. It’ll probably resolve itself.

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