Space Wars

Before Oliver arrived, I went about getting some “big brother” books. One of those is Mercer Meyer’s “Me and My Little Brother” *side note: I highly recommend). It became the clear favorite. And his favorite page was when the brother’s play “Space Wars”. He immediately said “I’m gonna play space wars”.

Now Kevin is chomping at the bit for when the boys will be ready for Star Wars. So when he heard space wars, he started plotting. He pulled up Clone Wars and the child was hooked. He has no concept of what is going on but whatever. He also got a flash light for Christmas that looks like a light saber. Put these things together and you get some sweet light saber battles.

Here he is with Granddaddy the night we left him to go have Ollie. Please admire the Jedi dance breaks.


  1. Sounds like your husband and mine are cut from the same cloth. My son will be a year next week and my husband cannot wait until he his old enough for Star Wars. He’s been planning since I was pregnant.

  2. My DS watched Star Wars at just over 2 years old. He LOVES it. No nightmares or anything. His favorite character is Darth.

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