From Baby to Boy in Photos

Ollie’s curls were getting bushy. When wet, his hair came to his shoulders. It would get into his eyes. Poor kiddo was constantly getting oatmeal in it.


But he needed a trim.  So a “trim” he got. Kevin cuts the boys hair. He’s actually really good and OCD at it. Problem with this wispy baby curls is you can just trim off the ends. He needed a real hair cut.

So here goes…how Ollie went from a baby to a big boy in about half an hour.

haircutwm-1 haircutwm-2 haircutwm-3 haircutwm-4 haircutwm-5 haircutwm-6Verdict: still cute


P.S. I got a new camera for Christmas. Imma be doing this more.



  1. You know, it’s dangerous just how much older a kid can look after a haircut . . . cute boy you have there.

    I’ve started cutting CJ’s hair . . . I use electric hair clippers, and he loves it, though I have angry family members, each time I do it, because I took too much of his curly hair away.

  2. Oh, I remember that day vividly with my boy–long, lushes curls to slick big boy. Can’t believe what a difference a haircut makes.

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