Our First OB Visit

Welp today was our first prenatal appointment. I went in and gave a vat of blood and peed in a cup. Then got the whole blood pressure and height mumbo jumbo. The nurses were really funny and all cutting up with one another….definitely my kinda place. So far so good. Then we went back to meet Dr. Siedel. He is GREAT. He talks a mile a minute…which is just fine by me. He is very funny and blunt. I got a goody bag of stuff(that I haven’t gone through yet) and he went over the basics. I was impressed. I took a sheet of questions and he answered all but 3 without me asking! He saw my notebook and asked if I was Type A and then proceeded to make fun of me. He told me to get used to it because just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean he won’t make fun of people. I told him I would do the same in return.

He reassured some things I was worried about like sleeping on my back. A lot of places I read said it was bad to sleep on your back because you could cut off the blood supply back the heart….this did seem a little odd but I bought into it. He said that isn’t a problem…if I get into a state where it could be, he would let me know. So now I can finally sleep! Hallelujah! Also the whole caffeine scare thing. He noted the recent studies that came out(which Kevin found on that DAMN CNN) and said that those women were JACKED UP on caffeine. A soda every once in awhile or a cup of coffee isn’t going to hurt anything. Also he said putting Splenda in stuff is just fine and his exact words were “If you are using 40 Splenda packets a day, you let me know because you probably need to go to Holly Hill.” So this was all fun and great and very helpful. They also have a great computer system with tablet PCs. He gets his missed calls right there on it. Awesome stuff. Also to note, this practice has 2 OBGYNS. I will bounce between the 2. They say it is so we get used to them both and get the same great treatment all the time. I like it. And I hear the other Dr. is just as great from Jen.

After all the office talk, I went and had a pap. Kevin got to be in the room…so I am sure it was more of an event for him than me. It was super fast and over with…nothing to it. Then they did a transvaginal ultrasound. It looks like we were off a little of the timing of Pumpkin. It was too small to tell anything yet and of course no heart beat yet. We are scheduled for another appointment next Thursday to try again…joy..another week of waiting! But he said that the sac(amniotic I am guessing) looked “good and thick”. Most likely we are just off by a few days…which would make sense to me since I had a 35 cycle…so I would ovulate later than a regular 28 day gal. But he did a little measurement and Pumpkin is .77 cm wide. He also said that it looked so healthy that he doesn’t think it would be a miscarriage…at least not now. I was a little disappointed because I had gotten carried away and got a little too excited for today….but I can just wait until next week…and then hopefully we can get ourselves a due date!

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  • January 4, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    I am rereading your archives. Clearly I need a more mentally stimulating job. But! Look how far you’ve come!


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