Take me out to the ballgame….

This weekend we went up to DC for a Washington Nationals game. It was also meet with some friends from college and their acquired significant others. Ben (who was Kevin’s roommate) and his girlfriend Katie live in Annandale and work at the US Patent Office. They just recently bought a house and it is so super cute….and giant. We were also meeting our friend Catherine (tiny little cute girl in the wedding) and her boyfriend Adam. They both live in Peoria, IL and work for Caterpillar for those of you who don’t know. That’s right 6 engineers under the same roof :). It was their idea because all the boys are Atlanta Braves fans (even though Adam is from Iowa…I know…weird). We originally were going to see the Nationals play the braves but that didn’t really pan out…so we saw them play the cubs instead. This was going to be my first MLB game ever…so I really didn’t care who we saw.

So Kevin and I drove up on Friday afternoon in an impressive 3 hours and 40 minutes. We had no traffic heading up and arrived around 7:30. Catherine and Adam’s flight was supposed to get in around 7:40ish but got canceled. They ended up spending the night in Chicago :(. So Katie had made tons of this awesome lasagna(which I am going to attempt…expect a post about that) and we ate a big meal and then proceeded to play Kevin’s new favorite game….Rockband. They had the drums and 2 guitars for the occasion. We jammed until about 3 in the morning. I did the singing because my motor skills were somewhat lacking after about 4 glasses of wine.

Catherine and Adam left out of Chicago in the morning and got in around 11 to the house. Katie made us some sweet breakfast and once again we went back to playing Rockband. We then headed out to try this golf course with techy balls(i dunno). It was too packed so we ended up going bowling. And yes I have heard the “You mean you went to DC to go bowling?”…and the answer is YES. We don’t have many old friends to do things with around Raleigh so anything with an awesome group of people is great for me. I even bowled my highest score ever of 158! And Kevin bowled a 176. And note…this was real bowling…not Wii bowling :). We then went to have some super awesome chinese food. Katie knew of this awesome place and we tried all kinds of new dishes….and I did just saw we. Kevin tried lots of new things out of his comfort zone…I was so proud!
Around 5:30ish we left out for the game. We drove down to the Patent offices and parked and took the Metro into the game. It was a great night. The Nationals got waxed by the Cubs. There were TONS of cubs fans there too. It was a fun experience…but honestly not much different than minor league games to me. It was still neat to be in such a nice place. It is a brand new facility this year. We stayed to the very end and the Cubs won 7-0. O it was a thriller. When we started to head out, it started to rain. When we got back to the Patent offices, it was pouring.

Sunday we just chilled around until Catherine and Adam had to get their flight home. It was nice to sleep in a little and just hang around. We had a lot of fun but it made us miss our friends even more. We couldn’t have had a better group of people to hang with. Catherine and Adam need to move their butts to the east coast! But as a result of our weekend, Kevin has now bought and is addicted to Guitar Hero. Thanks guys. And I am officially the first person in the household to have seen a game at every major sports league. Now we just need an arena team….

And here are some more pictures:


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