Someone want to nominate me for What Not to Wear?

Ugh. I now know how those poor people feel. I have no idea how to dress myself. It is pitiful. I went shopping at Kohls the day after Christmas to at least not spend a ton on new stuff. I got some jeans…thank god for spandex. I have already gone through 2 sizes at Old Navy but not small enough for the next size down. Now shirts are my enemy. I have to get them big enough for my boobs without looking like frump girl. Super tight? Nope…too much baby fat. Empire waist to hide belly? Nope…giant boobs emphasized. So basically my wardrobe consists of plain colored t-shirts in a stretchy cotton material. It is so boring. O and forget sweaters…anytime I have to nurse I turn into the fucking sun. So no cute sweater dress for me.

Then on top of it all…I hate having to go shopping at all. I hate spending money on clothes that *hopefully* will someday be too big.

Ok done complaining for now.

Bright note, I found some normal bras in my size that are “convertible” so I can just snap the straps loose to nurse/pump. HOORAY! No more super expensive nursing bras!

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