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So since I have a little wider audience now, I get asked what I do for a living. Simply, I am a software developer for an online educational product for middle and high school kids. That might be kind of jibberish to some but I can show you :).
I know I am lucky to a) have a job b) that uses my degree c) that I love d) for a company that reads more like a retirement community than corporate America. I brag about my dream job on twitter because, well, it freaking rocks. I shall explain.
First, I work for the best company in America…no really… 2 years running. We have a gym, doctors, sushi chefs, massage therapy, a nail and hair salon, daycares, miles of running trails, 35 hour work weeks, free donuts on Fridays, free m&ms refilled every Wednesday, and I work with Kevin :). Our kid is in subsidized daycare across the street where we are encouraged to bring him to work for lunch. I was able to go over and nurse him as an infant and no one bats an eye. Plus we have lactation consultants at the healthcare center to help with that too! We get discounts all around the triangle and even have our own craigslist for employees. Just drop off your cash in interoffice mail and your done! Yup. It is awesome.
Next up, I get to ‘create’ in my job. I write code for a web based education product. We get to work in new technologies, web development, and most importantly, I get to help kids out. While I love geeking out and writing code, I like feeling like I am doing something for the greater good. We are a free product to all educators. No strings attached.
I am writing this after a working holiday because of an upcoming release. Some people were commenting ‘man it sucks they make you work over a holiday’ but in the grand scheme, it’s nothing. This NEVER happens and I am told it will be made up to me. They didn’t tell me I had to either. Just my own obligation.
So in short, I geek out all day and love it. It is still my dream job.


  1. I beg to differ with the whole retirement thing, because you OBVIOUSLY do not have drunk old people & diapers & lots of whoring around.

    Or coworkers that wear sweatervests & play bagpipe music while they try to figure out the right buttons to transfer a phone call.

    Also, do the employees wear pagers? No? THEN IT’S NOT A RETIREMENT COMMUNITY.

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