Things I love – Blackberry Bluetooth Gateway

Ta Da!

We like gadgets. Let me rephrase. Kevin finds gadgets and then convinces me we need them. –Yeah I know you are rolling your eyes honey — This was a prime example. Enter the Blackberry Bluetooth Gateway. Ever since I have had an iPod (2004 bitches), I have had it connected in the car with an mini cable. It has always worked and traveled from car to car. Then Kevin wanted to get all fancified. Cables and plugging in were too much. First world problems for sure. I was skeptical of the magic. I mean, I had my hand cable! Anyway, he looked around and found this little doohickey. Idea being: walk into car, start it up, hit play on the iPhone and done. Well he got it and that is exactly what this does. I then had to have one!
It just uses Bluetooth to find your phone on start up and then unsyncs when it shuts off. You can just leave it in your purse or whatever. It fades out when you get a phone call and you can pretty much run the thing with voice commands. It is the cat’s pajamas. Now if it could only read tweets….

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