Things I Love – Parenthood

You know, the TV show :). Real thing ain’t too bad either. Oddly enough we had never seen the movie the show is based off of until the Christmas after Landon was born. K’s parents bought it for us on a whim. We LOVED it. This was before the show though. When the show came along, honestly we were a little slow to get with it. For one, it is on at 10pm. WTF? They can show disgusting prehistoric diseases on Terra Nova at 9 but Parenthood is a little too “real”? Whatever. We started watching it on Hulu Plus and caught up in very quick fashion. I have laughed. I have cried(I know! Me!). Love it. The acting is superb. The subject matters are real. Yeah, I wanna kill Crosby most of the time and Amber goes between adorably dork to skanky hippy in a single episode but I crave this show. The acting skills of the kid who plays Max(aspie kid) still amazes me every week and Haddie’s horrible perm makes me want to shake her. I just suck in every freaking minute! All summer, I wanted it on. More than anything I have ever watched. I feel like I am mailing in this post because you can’t go buy it but I sat and thought “what is something I really love? Like want to share with everyone I see.”. This is it.

So do you love Parenthood? Why? Why not?


  1. My 18-year-old daughter & I have been totally hooked on this show since the very first episode! We both totally agree with you on Hattie’s hair this season. Not flattering. At all. My only problem with the show isn’t with the show itself. I get a little wierded out when I think about the fact that Sarah & Adam are a real-life couple. That’s just eeww-y!! I realize they are not siblings in real-life but still… It’s wierd.

  2. I’m a big big fan of the movie; haven’t watched the show yet b/c of the time; but will DVR thanks to your feedback 🙂

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