Happy Anniversary To Us!


Today is our anniversary. 6 years. Sheesh! We met in college on our first day of engineering 101 over 10 years ago. We bonded over making fun of nerds. Ha. Isn’t that cute? We dated most of college and got married the fall after we graduated. He popped the question 4 days after valentines day to keep me on my toes…and has ever since. We are 2 peas in a pod and he makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY. I couldn’t ask for more. I love you Kev…more and more every day…well except when you fart on me. That’s just a dick move.

For our anniversary, we forwent gifts and decided a night in the city’s nicest hotel would be enough. We get a discount through work anyway :). We then will run our first race together tomorrow. It will be Kevin’s first ever!


  1. Happy Anniversary girlie! Enjoy your night tonight {browchickenbrowncow} and good luck with your race tomorrow!!

    Oh also…once? My husband farted ON my toothbrush. You bet your ass I got a new toothbrush that night!

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