Dear Dolphin

Dolphin 36 weeks

Sorry man. I totally wrote to your brother every week while I was pregnant and you? Nada. Now granted I have talked about you and what you have been doing to my insides in the same regard, just a different format. I write for a little larger audience this time around.  So yeah, you make me pee myself and make me crave cereal. You can just take that as celebrity status. Tell Landon that when he is being mean. I won’t mind.

Fact is, you kinda are. Every one asks about “Dolphin” every day. You are a highly anticipated little dude. Sweet internet friends have sent you gifts and haven’t ever met me or you! How sweet is that? Pretty BAMF, if I do say so myself.

Landon waiting

Landon likes to talk to you. I wonder if you are hearing his jibber jabber. Maybe you understand it…cuz we get about 85% of that nonsense. We got him some books to get ready for you. His favorite seems to be Mercer Meyer’s “Me and My Little Brother“. He said he wants to play “space wars” with you. He has you a water gun and everything. Hope you are prepping your trigger finger in there. He loves to come and play with you toys in your room. I promise I will make him share.

Daddy is bracing himself for your arrival. I think it has snuck up on him more than me. You have been part of my existence for quite some times now (read: no wine).  Either way, I know he is excited to have another boy to aggravate and wrestle. All you boys are eventually gonna gang up on me but it’s cool. I can hold my own and throw a decent ball when my carpel tunnel isn’t on fire.

As for your status inside my belly, you are kinda rough dude.  Like violent. I hope this means you are just big and out of room. I would like if you did some nice cuddling and sleeping when you get out. Your brother is enough elbows and knees already but I am sure you are aware since you take some of those hits sometimes. He means well but he just can’t sit still. Please don’t be like him just yet. I bruise easily.

Dolphin's Room

I am getting pretty excited to see what you look like. Are you going to have super ringlets like Daddy? Or will you have hair at all? I have a feeling you will be bigger than big bro. Just a hunch. But you and me? We are gonna have a kick ass time together.  I had a lot of learn with your bro. A lot of hard lessons, a lot of tears and a lot of doubt. I have a new outlook with you, mah mann. We are gonna go hang out with baby friends. You will have no clue but it will help mommy. And a happy mommy is a happy house. Grandma even got you a spiffy Wolfpack red carrier so we can bebop around town together. It’s gonna be awesome.


Your room is all ready for you (minus a few design elements). Daddy is going to hang your mobile and I have some fun pictures to put up for you. Lando even has a special piece for you. He is very excited about it even though he thought that meant YOU were out. Crazy kid.

Well I’m sure you have more growing to do but I hope you come in a nice smooth pace for you and I. Not gonna lie, I hope you shoot out like a greased watermelon so I can get to you faster but I get it. It has to be all kinds of wonky up in there. Do what ya need to.

See you soon little fella.

Love, Mommy

4 thoughts on “Dear Dolphin

  • July 11, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    This made me all gaspy and excited for you guys:)
    Like, he’s REALLY coming. Crazytowns.

    Can’t wait til his wee little face fills my phone screen.

  • July 11, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    I loved this! How exciting for you and your family! I also have a toddler with one on the way and your post made me all giddy for my son to be a big brother. 😉 I look forward to reading more adventures of Lando and Dolphin!


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