“Daddy, tell me about the fossils”


You guys! My kid loves dinosaurs! I KNOW! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. He has always enjoyed them but I have to give full credit to Dinosaur Train on PBSKids. I mean dinosaurs AND a train. How can it not be a win?

But I think the biggest shock is HOW much he has learned about dinosaurs. My child knows he is an omnivore. He can tell you what era a T Rex is from. He knows more species than I do. He can pronounce paleontologist. He knows a T Rex loses teeth like a shark and he grows more. If you tell him if his dinner is carrion, he will eat with gusto (my meatloaf is not that bad). It is so freaking AWESOME!
For the past few nights his new thing is that when Kevin takes him to potty before bed, he wants him to talk about fossils. Kevin has even been quizzing him and he rocks it.

So thank you PBS kids and Mrs. Pteranodon for you kooky flock of kids.


  1. Yay for Dinosaur train! My son keeps asking to go see the dinosaurs. At first he thought he could go see them at the zoo if he went through the “time tunnel”. I told him that the dinosaurs are extinct, and that as far as I know nobody has successfully created a time tunnel, but we could go see some dinosaur bones at the Field Museum (we live in Chicago). I probably should not have mentioned it because he’s been begging to go ever since. Hopefully we can get a trip in soon (if germaphobe me can get over all the yuck at an indoor museum during flu season).

  2. We watched some dinosaur train last weekend. Jason figured if TV was going to be on for once we could check out kid show. We were impressed with all the Dino knowledge too. Z & L weren’t…yet!

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