Meet Conor

The Mann clan grew by one in the last few weeks. Meet Conor. Son to Kevin’s cousin Sarah. Kevin and Sarah were born 6 days apart and have grown up practically brother and sister. Conor is the closest we are to being Aunt and Uncle. He was born almost 6 months to the day after Oliver. He came into this world with a stubborn start but is doing beautifully. I headed over to the new family’s place on Sunday to get a few shots of the little bugger. He is too cute and I can’t wait for he, Oliver and Landon to spend their summers together on the river shore like Sarah and Kevin did.
conornewbornwm-2 conornewbornwm-6 conornewbornwm-9 conornewbornwm-12conornewbornwm-15conornewbornwm-5conornewbornwm-4conornewbornwm-3

And this is my favorite. The nursing hand. SWOONconornewbornwm-14


  1. What a cutie!!! Welcome, little Conor! That photo of the baby toes makes me want to cry — my firstborn is FIVE today. Oy.

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