Infant Dinners: The Bottomless Pit Named Oliver

Oliver eats a lot. I am starting to refer to his feedings as The Golden Corral. He loves food just like his brother did. We can’t shovel it in fast enough. He is still lacking some coordination (just not old enough) and can’t reliably get enough to his mouth on his own and gets aggravated so we are leaning more on purees right now and throwing stuff on the tray for him to play with in the mean time (read: we need to eat and we throw puffs at him as a distraction like a hungry bear with a fish). We also may give him something big to chew on first so we can eat a little but lately he resorts to shaking whatever that is slinging it off the tray. So we shovel as much as 6-8 oz of purees/mashed food and then nurse and then a small bottle before bathtime.

To showcase the dinner monster, here are a few samplings:

infant dinners infant dinners infant dinners


  1. I am LOVING your infant dinner posts. My boy is 12 mos but an allergy kid so we are limited on things he can eat. He’s only been on solids since around 7 mos because of the allergies. I’ve gotten several ideas and become better at giving him more than just one thing. He is enjoying the variety and even ate with an actual plate the other day! Plus also? He seems to sleep better with the enormous amount of food he is eating so mom is happy! So gold star to you for taking time to post these!

      • Yay! That may help with my daycare situation too! I get a menu for the month because of his food allergies. I look over it daily before school to make sure he’s good with the days meals.Luckily the cook is like his daycare maw-maw and is very helpful but I like to make things easier for her as well. I’m working on getting myself on a weekly schedule along with my family meal planning to make it easier.

  2. It never would have occurred to me to puree collards or blueberries. I need to seek out some more greens for the baby. Hopefully introducing them now will mean she’ll like more than my toddler does when she gets older.

    • I will do spinach this weekend once I cook it up. Greens are great for them and pretty mild in flavor. Landon will eat raw spinach like a mad man. Also easy to mask in other things if they shy away from it initially. Just throw some steamed into a batch of something else for added nutrients.

      The blueberries were when I was cleaning out our frozen stash and didn’t want to keep the small bag left. Purees right up. Note it is a slightly chunkier texture.

      • great, thank you! She’s already a gassy baby so I think I need to stay away from the gassy veggies. But, I’m definitely going to venture out more than I did with our older daughter.
        Thanks again!

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