The Smirk

I have seen a lot of chatter lately about the smirk outbreak of the internet.  Some blame McKayla. Some consider it the new duckface.

But not me. I embrace it. It’s me. Haters gonna hate but it’s my general attitude most of the time.

For instance “meh. this hair didn’t do shit like it was supposed to”

or the “I give no fucks, mustard stain” {note this is enhanced with my impressive eye brow arch}

or the “stop pulling my mother fucking hair while nursing, kid”

or drunk

I own it. Main reason, it’s just a natural  thing for me. My smile lines prove it. I have always favorited to one side. I’m sure my mother can provide some back up here. Wrinkles don’t lie, y’all. It is just my thing now…apparently. So much so that it was referenced by name twice this week:

I want to change my low fuel light to a guy, with a @mannlymama smirk, flipping me off.

— kenny (@smonkyou) May 30, 2013

Oh and I came through. Don’t you worry.

@smonkyou don’t think I forgot.

— Brandy (@mannlymama) May 31, 2013

And then Katie tried to mirror the awesome:

BIG smiles are reserved. usually when Ollie laughs so hard he snorts or there is a random dance break from Landon. And I am going to be honest, the wrinkles don’t help much. They just jump right out with a big ole squinty smile. It is what it is but I can still hate on them.

and if none of this proves to you that it isn’t just an act. I give you genetics:



  1. I don’t even come close to the awesome. Plus I was trying not to giggle, so my smirk is tainted with laughter. Also how awesome is that Ollie is already smirking? I’ll tell you, it’s hella awesome.

  2. For the record I’m a fan of the smirk. I actually had one since day one. My father called it a crooked smile, not as a term of endearment because he’s an ass.

  3. I infinitely prefer the smirk to duckface. The smirk seems self-deprecating and ironic whereas duckface is a total lack of self-awareness. I cannot believe I’m analyzing what these facial expressions mean in your comments. Anyway, smirk on!

  4. I’m going to be honest since I am not a hater.

    I think it comes down to preference. I prefer to see your real smile that I know you actually do, because I have seen it in person many times. You are a beautiful woman, and even more beautiful when you are smiling.

    You prefer your smirk face. Great, own your smirk. But I will always always ALWAYS prefer your smile, even with whatever forehead wrinkles you have. I would love to see an IG feed with a higher smile:smirk ratio but it’s your feed.

    Also in light of true honesty, my sister was a cheerleader in high school and would practice smiling in the mirror to perfect her cheerleading smile. She taught me how to do it also… which is why IRL my eyes are all squinty and I get weird double chin when smiling but in photos I always look exactly the same.

  5. I will bear witness that the Brandy Smirk is a real-life thing that happens naturally.

    You have a lovely smile & a natural smirk, which means you have the best of both worlds.

  6. My husband has a picture of me doing a smirk on our first date. He brought it home to his much younger brothers to introduce them to me (in picture form). Then I was sent a series of five pictures of little boys trying the same smirk. I was made fun of it a little bit. 🙂

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