Dear Thumper: Week 22

Dear Thumper,

Happy 22 weeks…a little late. I promise I won’t do that for your birthdays. You just seem to be growing so fast. I introduced you to some music last week. I went out and got you your own set of headphones and I play music to my belly when I watch TV. Most people say listen to classical, but mommy and daddy don’t really do a lot of classical. I decided you needed to learn to listen to what we like. I have been monitoring your reactions when I play. So far you seem to like the band Keane. You kicked me a few times when one of their songs was going off. You seemed to like a few songs by Ben Folds and a Jimi Hendrix cover by John Mayer. I am avoiding anything too loud or rough…you will hear that in due time. We are going to make you one cool baby! Hope you are happy in there…and keep on kickin!


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