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Howdy Y’all. Remember my post last week about Landon’s big boy room? Well it is in full swing renovation. Toddler bed in and kid is in LOVE with it. Bought extra clearance shower curtain to cover cornice boxes to match the bedding. Getting PB kid’s charis from Laura because she rocks my face. WHOOO HOOO. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. I love this community.

With that being said, I left 1 project off the post. Kinda by accident and then kinda fortunate for you. We have this wall above his now dresser (used to be changing table).

Nursery Family Wall

I did a 4×4 grid of family members. Landon worked on facial recognition of family members early. It was exactly what I planned. He would tell me which one was Aunt Johanna and which was Poppa. It was great for almost 3 years but now time to switch it up.

And I want YOUR help. Yes, YOU! I wanna try a little contest. See who can come up with a new grouping of photos for the frames for the big boy room. Here is the setup/requirements:

  • Same grid (took damn long to laser level that shit)
  • 16 photos (though if you needed 1 more row, I could probably swing it)
  • I *think* the view holes are 4″x4″ roughly
  • Now bright white frames (though I am willing to add a little color if needed)
  • Can be real photography or graphics
  • See rest of the theme here.

And because I am not just expecting the help for free, lets put something down for this. Whoever gives me the best idea, gets a $20 Starbucks gift card. How does that sound? I know all you folks out there are teaming with ideas either on your own or that thing you saw on Pinterest…so come help this tired mama 🙂

To enter, leave a comment with your idea. Pretty simple. Let’s not make this more complicated than it has to be. Contest ends a week from today (6/13) and I will decide by Friday (6/15).

Game on.


  1. Top four: Four seasons art prints

    Underneath each, have three memories from that season that will get changed out every year. The memory can be a photo, art that Landon created, ticket stubs from movies you went to see, etc.

  2. I think I’d use them for a way to showcase some of his favorite art, that you can rotate in and out. Maybe use the last row for his favorite pictures, I like the idea of giving him some area that he gets to design.

  3. To keep it simple, you could just frame scrap book paper, and maybe do an ombre-type effect and use the colors that coordinate with the bedding (so like a green row, an orange row, a yellow row, a blue row, or a gray row). Each row could have 4 different shades of scrapbook paper in a row (so like from a light blue to a dark blue). Does that make sense? Scrapbook paper is super cheap and so its not a big time/money investment if you don’t like it or find something you like better down the road. And when its put all together in the grid, it would work together as one giant art piece.

    I also like the idea of doing something very different in each one. So, for instance: a family photo, a quote, a piece of his artwork, a momento (framed hospital bracelet, etc), a picture of a train (or something else that he is into), a scrap of the fabric from his nursery bedding as a reminder, etc. It can be a neat mix of graphics, photos, and fabric or scrapbook paper that would both mean something to you AND him and that would create a lot of visual interest. And it would be easy to rotate items out over time.

    I have a “gallery wall” in A’s room (not this many photos) and its a random assortment of things that mean something to her or about her (a print with a bee on it because I call her my Addie B., a photo I took of her at halloween that is just of her feet in ballet shoes, since she is a nut about ballet, a picture of her when she was little with her stuffed rabbit, a framed piece of fabric from crib sheet bedding). Does that help? (I have a picture of it I can email if it would help).

    PS: I LOVE doing this kind of stuff and would totally do it for free. This is the kind of stuff that I genuinely like to do at home FOR FUN. Because I am a total nerd.

  4. Naturally, I have had another idea (because I have nothing better to do)!

    What if you pulled images or graphics that are similar to those in the bedding? Just looking at the bedding online, there are at least 16 you could pull off (lion, nest, yarn, umbrella, carrot, ice cream, owl, caterpillar, turtle, cat rabbit, hedgehog, duck, bird, mouse, bee, grasshopper). Might be hard to find/replicate, but would be totally cute!

  5. This is what I would do:
    Since you have letters and numbers as a theme, I would choose 16 letters/numbers and have a picture with the corresponding letter/number. For instance a picture of Landon with the letter L, a picture of Mommy with the letter M, a picture of your house with the letter H. And maybe a picture of his two shoes with the number 2, and so on.

    Obviously you aren’t going to use ALL the letters or many numbers, but it can still be a learning wall that way, ya know?

    Aw yeah, I’ll take mah gift card now, yo.

  6. I like what Katie had to suggest. Since Landon is so precocious, he would have fun learning colors, letters, numbers, beginning sounds, shapes, etc. You would have a great time taking pictures to trade out as he learns new things. The possibilities are endless, Have fun!!!!

  7. Yup, like Katie I was going to suggest letters…only I was going to be a jerk and ask how much of a pain in the ass would it be to add two more columns for 24 instead of 16. It would be a pain in the ass, I’m sure. Boo.

  8. You should just take all the fun Instagram photos you have of you guys and put them in the frames. Or just do pics of his fave things/characters and let him choose what he wants in there.

  9. K, I thought of something else!
    Get a picture of you, a picture of Kevin, a picture of Landon & a picture of post-arrival Dolphin (maybe Jack for now?) Tweak the colours, Andy Warhol-style in Photoshop & line them four across.

    BOOM. Coolness and family oriented. You have pretty much everything you need & it takes almost no time at all:)

  10. Take him around the house and around his favorite places (daycare, park, etc.) and let him pick out his favorite things. You can take photos of the things he picks out (abstract photos would be cool too) and then put those in the frames. As his tastes change, you could replace pictures as necessary.

  11. pics of special people in his life holding letters to correlate with his ABC theme or letters that spell out a special message 🙂

  12. If you’re sticking with the letter theme, I would do letters and pictures. E is for Elephant, L is for Lion, that type of thing. Print off pics of animals, objects, etc and then print the Letter on it in fun sharpee colors. And you can change them out every once in a while since you don’t have 26 frames.

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