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Once again, I love Pinterest. What? You still haven’t checked it out. Want an invite? Let me know. Anywhoo, while I super puffy heart that shiz, there are some things that drive me crazy. I just find myself starting at that beautiful montage of photos going “really? Are you serious?”. Then my girl Laura was ranting about the same thing the other day so we are double teaming you (giggity). So when you are done reading here, hop over to her casa and get some more snarky goodness. Here we go…

Paint chips projects – I get it. Free stuff to make things. But really? Like construction paper is that expensive. Hell even schools can fund that stuff. I mean some things I see past the paint chips and just see really cool art. But some? You are just trying too hard to reuse something. I’m sorry. It’s silly

Painting walls with chalkboard paint – let me caveat this “for your kids” adult with a meal menu board? Fine. Awesome way to keep score in a bar for darts? You got it. But teaching your children that writing on the wall is cool? Not so much. Also, think of all that chalk dust. Have you seen a real kid after sidewalk chalk? Gross. Now to offer a little constructive criticism, magnetic paint would be the way to go. Do that and buy cool magnets. Similar learning without the mess.

Matte nail polish – yeah it doesn’t have sparkles in it but that shit shines. I fell for this and bought some. It doesn’t work. Fuck you, photoshop.

Blast from the past boards – just why? Why do you need a board of rainbow bright and shitty jewelry.  I just don’t get it.  Are you going to get drunk one night and go through it singing Paula Abdul.  If so, please exit the premises.

So what pinterest trends make you shake your head?

I can’t take all the credit for the idea of making fun of things. Jill over at @babyrabies has shared some serious #pinterestsnark.


  1. Yes! Allllll of this!
    The one thing that really has me scratching my head is scrapbook paper over your outlet covers. Like…wha??? First of all, I don’t really want my outlet cover standing out…second of all, I definitely don’t want it covered in flammable materials.
    Not EVERYTHING has to be DIYed, folks.

  2. Agree with all the above but my peeve is BUTTONS!!!! Button rings, letters made of buttons, “art” made of buttons, button necklaces! You know what I would think if I saw someone wearing a button necklace in real life? I would be like what the hell are you doing with all those buttons on your neck you wackadoodle! It says “look I crafted”…but not in a good way. My other one is pics of little girls looking like tulle is exploding off of them from every angle! You do not need tutus on your head and body, or anywhere really, your kid is cute enough without all the trimmings.

    • Ahahahahaha. I saw some of that last night and was going to add but I was so tired I didn’t care :). Thought I do remember a friend growing up had a giant jar of buttons and I always loved that jar. It was so pretty. But yeah…just because you bought a fuckton of them doesn’t mean you need to make you house look like a tailor blew up.

    • I also hate the dumb paint chip crafts. Way to be super cheap, people. And just wait until it bites you in the ass the next time you go to buy paint and it’s like $10 more per gallon to make up for all the dumb chips that everyone and their mother stole.

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