That Time I Got Motherfucking Shingles

So let’s back up and talk a little about mental health because the irony is not lost on me. Remember this post? Yeah so that day I went to visit my primary care doctor at work. She was the doctor I was paired with in my initial PPD episode with Landon. IT was pure luck but she is just amazing. I love her. I talked about her already, here. Anyway, I knew it would be good to talk with her again. While I wasn’t in an emergency situation, I knew it was time to look into some meds to help me cope. I was right. We talked and decided an as needed anxiety med would be best. When I can’t sit down and feel like I need to pace the room, I take it. It is helping. I was able to play Boggle one night while he cried to sleep. That is progress.

Around Tuesday of the next week, I noticed my hip felt really weird. What I initally thought was pain from my first post partum run, quickly seemed more topical. My skin was senstive to the touch. Like a bruise that wasn’t there. Just strange. Didn’t think much about it because I couldn’t tell what it would be. Completely unrelated, some red bumps appeared on my right side around my back. My first thought was chiggers from the park. I got them in a similar place last year…they blow. Then around Wednesday afternoon I noticed blisters forming. GREAT poison ivy! Clearly from the woods adventure (there was more pooping…joy). I dressed it with calamine lotion and was on my way.

On Friday, my primary care wanted to see me again to make sure the meds were working and how I was doing. Standard procedure. We chatted and I felt pretty good. Then I explained it kinda sucked this week because I got poison ivy from taking Landon on a nature walk. I showed her in hopes of some medicinal relief and then I hear the words “Um that isn’t poison ivy honey”. WTF? Well I mean it was the first time I ever got it but that happens. And it didn’t itch as much hurt but people say that too. But yeah it is kinda strange that I just got it at my waist line and no where else. Hmmm.

“That is shingles”

You have got to be fucking kidding me. here I am sitting in a office thinking it is a short visit and a hungry infant at daycare waiting for me to come feed him. Yes. My 2 month old who could contract chickenpox from me. This, my friends, is what it is like to get kicked when you’re down. After a little more reading, she comes back to prescribe me some antiviral medication to help and to look up how contagious I am to my own damn family. Kevin is called to get blood work. Landon should be fine because he was vaccinated. But Ollie…he can’t be vaccinated this little. From what we read, as long as I keep it covered from him, we have the best chance. Luckily, since I was poison ivy dumb, I thought it would spread so I was keeping it under bandages anyway. We were going to Ollie’s 2 month appointment in an hour. I could find out more once I got there. They agreed with the keeping covered and also that my breast milk is helping him build immunity to it too…so high fives to mother nature! I should keep doing what I am doing.

Moral of the story: stress fucking sucks. My immune system just gave up and my chickenpox virus reemerged. Now I am a walking leper. No pregnant people. No other kids. No old folks. Normal folk are less likely to get it… especially if you have had the chickenpox. I can only spread chickenpox mostly…not shingles. It is a really weird virus to understand. Good news is that it seems I have a mild case. People tell me of excruciating pain but I have had worse. It is just a patch on my lower back and 2 small bumps around my belly button. I could see that if you had a lot of it, it would be awful. It is also in a easily covered place. Arms, hands and My biggest issue seems to be wearing pants. I am not into pre pregnancy pants so my maternity pants hit right on the site. Dressing myself is going to be tough for a bit. So I now need more rest (hahahahahaha) and to wait for them to heal IN A FEW WEEKS. I swear…it can only get better, right? RIGHT?!?!!


  1. You know that I feel your pain literally right? They suck and they are the gift that just keeps on giving. They seem to come back when I am stressed or under a lot of pressure! The only positive thing is that when I feel them flare up, I stop, take stock in what is going on around me and try to slow down and calm down. Mine are flaring right now- the tingle part not the rash…because of travel, birthday parties, block parties and work to do lists! Hang in there…

  2. Argh! So sorry you are dealing with this! When it rains… blah, blah, blah. I do have a question about the mental health piece though… did you feel “out of control” or struggle during your pregnancies or are your symptoms mostly post partum? I don’t know what it is about this second pregnancy but I seriously don’t know who I am some days!! Anyway, I’m glad you got the help you needed and that the anxiety meds are helping. I hope the motherfucking shingles clear up fast for you!

  3. Just think how truly wonderful a normal, boring day is going to be when it comes your way! So sorry you’re having to deal with all of this at once. Both of my sisters have had shingles and it’s awful (no duh, right?!)! Thinking of you…Lisa

  4. Oh boo. That stinks. When I had Silas I got a rash that started on my stretch marks but then spread all over my body. I would just hold my newborn in a cloud of gold bond and cry. I was soooo itchy all over and was in so much pain from my stage 4 tear on my hoo haa.

    • Oh i weep for you. Last night, when Oliver wouldn’t sleep anywhere but on me, I laid there throwing myself a pity party of all the shit that has happened. This now topped having the stomach bug while 36 weeks pregnant. Stage 4 makes me vagina cringe.

    • Well I am hoping that statement is true but they seem to be healing so I don’t think it gets worse. My mom’s friend apparently has it all down his side…now THAT would suck balls.

  5. Dude what the fuck is happening? This is some serious crazy. Holy hell your next post better be “I was visited by the orgasm fairy and he gave me $1000 for every one and there were millions and my infant taught himself to use the toilet and sleep 12 hours in a row while I was busy getting it on” because that’s the only way I am going to feel like life has given you what you deserve.

    Mother fuck!

  6. I am so sorry! Nothing like the freaking panic that you can pass it onto your kid. My dad had shingles a month before I was due with E… I’ve never had the chicken pox and my immunization was on its last leg. I was scared shitless when I read I could get it and my kiddo could too. Wishing you a speedy recovery and may you get some reprieve on your hate statements… Sending good vibes your way!

  7. I seriously can’t believe this happened to you. You sure will have some stories to tell this little boy when he grows up! Bottom line? Mommy is awesome.

    Hang in there. xo!

  8. Gurlllllllllllll. I feel yah. I’ve had it. TWICE. And buying valtrex at the pharamcy? So less cool than it looks in commercials where they go on tropical vacays. Bitches.

    Get better soon!

    • Hahahahaha. Yeah I actually had it once before when a cold sore got into my blood stream. My face was awful. But they put me on Famvir for some reason. Less pills maybe?

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  10. Well, the good news 🙂 is that if you do have any lingering effects of the shingles, the treatment is an anti-depressant. So you’re already ahead of the game! Seriously, I hope you feel better soon.

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  12. So glad I found your article. My son is 9 weeks old and I was just diagnosed with shingles. I totally thought it was crazy and there is no way younger people get shingles until I found your post. Thanks so much! Hopefully I got on the Valtrex in time.

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