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sexyHey look! I still write for Liberating Working Moms! I just have been a little busy actually working lately ;). This week I decided to help out with a popular search term we get over there for “working moms need sex”. Can’t say it would ever cross my mind to google such a thing {I mean really. Is it a question? Are they just yelling into Google? Baffling}. When I have talked to fellow working moms over some box wine and my tell-me-anything attitude and surmised that we all just need to stop thinking about chores and to do lists and start thinking about getting down!

I have delved into this before with Brandee and Alicia in our series over at Chill Mama Chill. Need a refresher? Here ya go:

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How To Get More:

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But for my post this week, I decided to look at music. Something you can use to wash over that tired brain and make you say “I am sexy and let’s get to boning” or something like that.

“But lately I have found a go to that is pretty simple to do in a working mom routine.


You have a commute. You have a lunch break. You may can just pop in those ear buds while you work. You can listen while working out. You have 5 minutes somewhere, right? So I compiled some songs and asked around for songs that make working moms feel sexy. I’m not talking LL Cool J “Doin It” type songs. It could be as simple as recreating a mental picture of how you first met. Being young and nervous. Or it could just ooze sex. Either way, here are 6 songs to make you stop thinking about lasagna and start thinking how freakin hot you are today {because you are}….[keep reading for the top 6 songs to make you feel sexy]

Below is the compiled list I am keeping. To do you have any go-to tracks? Send em on over and I will add!

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