Things I love – L’oreal Sublime Glow Lotion

Throw some glitter...

Throw some glitter...

I have decided to start blogging just stuff I like. No one is paying me for this…I just really like it.  First up, Sublime Glow lotion from L’oreal. I am a girl of pasty skin. When spring hits every year, I need something to help me out.  On top of this, all sunless tanning lotion smells like ass to me.  I can’t stand it. That Jergens stuff like sells like hot cakes?  Blech. Disgusting…and it takes forever to work. I searched the world over a couple years ago and found this.  It is a gradual tanning with a little bit of bronzer in it.  It makes you have a little color instantly while building up a tan over time.  It also has some shimmer to it to catch your curves.  It also has mango butter and isn’t sticky. It has a better smell than most…but there still is a hint of tanning lotion.  I am not sure you can not get rid of it all. But man I love it.  Now the downside, it is hard to find this stuff. I think last year I finally found it at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I bought all they had.  This year? Subscribe and Save from Amazon!  BOOM! I highly recommend this to anyone wanting a little pick me up or a good gradual tan solution.  Here is a picture from about 3 days of applying back at the beginning of April:

Don't mind the terrible look on my skin rocks

Photo by Anne Auten


  1. Good review! I want to know what the rest of your skin regime is though! 🙂 You glow in January with zero tan(ner)… I want step by step instructions?

    (I am betting it has more to do with you getting great sleeps than product, but a girl can dream. Great sleeps will never happen for me again – so if that is truly the case then I need to stop wasting my $$ on product and just get over it!!)

    • aww thanks. Sadly…I don’t do anything. I just wear lotion everyday…all over. I switch brands depending what is at BJs :). Face wise, I flip flop all the time. I like things that even out skin. Currently rocking the CVS version of the Aveeno Positively radiant. I think it has a dab of sunless tan in it just to even out(at least by the smell). I don’t wash my face every night like I should. I use clearsil in the shower and use apricot scrub.

      Maybe it is the makeup :). I am a foundation lover. I never leave home without it. Cheap or expensive…i can’t tell the difference. I am in the market for a new on to try currently. I then use physcians formula under eye concealer under and on top of my eyes because I have veiny/purply glow….damn genetics. Then Benetint for cheeks. That’s about it….unless I feel sassy.

      I do get great sleeps…ear plugs my friend…saving grace for this lady.

  2. hmmm. maybe I need you as a foundation mentor. they all seem either too slick or too chalky to me. I have zero clue.

    Unless there are plugs that can stop my brainwaves – I am screwed. 🙁 Noise doesn’t bother me – but (over)thinking does.

  3. Um, you are simply gorgeous!!! Your skin totally glows. Love this review, I’m going to have to look for this stuff. I’m in the market for a new moisturizer with an SPF and gradual tint. Know any?

  4. Thanks for the review. I am so envious of your skin, ever since watching your makeup vlog. I still cant perfect my make up. I am saving my $$ to try that cheek stain you talked about 🙂

    • Aww thanks. I have to say some is genetics. I got a stumpy torso, flat hair and stretch marks….so I take what I can get :). My mom has always had good skin so I figure that’s where I got it. That and rockstar calves!

      The cheek stain is totally worth it but I would recommend a good foundation even more. Or even just putting it on lightly and evenly. I use Revlon…nothing fancy.

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