Crunch Time on Your Lunch Time

Ever looking for a workout during your workday? Afraid you don’t have the equipment? Just need some ideas? Well do I have a deal for you! Come on over and check out my first of a series on getting a workout as a working parent. How to get buff without sacrificing more time than you need!

…My plan is to offer suggestions for workouts for different levels and environments.  I know you don’t all have gym equipment or want to run.  You just need some creativity and will power.  I want to showcase a variety of exercises you can do in your “free time”. No shower required for these either…continue reading.


  1. I work from home & recently moved my office into the guest bedroom which is where my treadmill sits. Now, I don’t run unless I’m being chased by zombies but I did manage to squeeze in a 20 minute walking session after reading this. So, thanks!

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