Pajama Time with Lando T and Ollie D

Perfect storm of waking boys this morning meant a pajama chat by Landon. Figured I hadn’t made any Ollie videos yet and then you get to see them both in action.

Things to note:

  • How Landon says “Oviler”
  • How Landon mimics me saying “do you have some smiles?” to Ollie
  • How Ollie watches his big bro like a hawk
  • Brandee’s awesome rocket night light
  • Landon picked Oliver’s sheets last night and whispered towards Ollie’s room “Thank you Oviler for these sheets”.
  • Landon knows my name is Brandy…hence the confusion.


  1. BWHAHAHAHAH does he know your name is Brandy? That would be confusing! Like Everly knows all our full names, so when she meets someone else with our names, or I talk about you, she does that like “that’s my mommy?” thing. Too funny.

    Also, I could just listen to YOU talk all the day!

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