Giveaway: Molo Design Christmas Card!

Did you know I was type A? ::yeah I laughed too:: Every year I want a unique Christmas card. I can’t pick from Tiny Prints or anything. I always pick the most expensive design and then can’t settle for anything less. Then I spend WAY too long in Photoshop crafting my own. It is really dumb of me…I know. Well last year I happened to win a contest on a blog for a free design from Molo Design! HOORAY!

I put my order in with Beth and, of course, wanted to customize what she had. She happily did to accomidate the photos I wanted and sent me multiple mock ups. It was glorious and we ended up with this:

LOVE! Imma sucker for paired fonts. The blue even matched my scarf. So this year, Beth contacted me to giveaway another design to a lucky winner. On top of that, she designed me a Christmas card I am in love with. I had an idea, just no time to execute. She took my idea and made is even BETTER. Thanks, Beth.

Now it’s your turn! To enter to win a Christmas card design, check out Beth’s shop and come back and comment what design you like the best. I will draw the winner on Friday 14th at noon.


Congrats Melanie on winning!

P.S. To note, I always do 5×7 prints and then find the company with the best coupon/deal on prints and order. This year Snapfish won when they had a 55% off day!


  1. I also really like the one you picked out best with the snowflakes. I think my second favorite is the one with the gray and blue stripes. All very cute though!

  2. I like the blue and gray striped one best; second choice is the one you picked out, but in a powdery blue color. Would love to win this awesome prize 🙂

  3. I love your design! I have been looking for one that is a “Top 10 of 2012” (or 11, or maybe 12 for 2012?) but all the ones I found on the commercial sites look too cheesy and only have room for 1 photo… I’d like one big photo and a few small ones to go with our top 10.

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