Let’s Send the Hobo Packin

So today I get 4 holes cut into me and a nice Asian doctor is going to play hide and go seek in my abdomen. Honestly, I’m pretty nervous considering I’ve only been under for wisdom teeth and they really don’t know what they are working with until they are in there. I’m bumming I have to miss my boys for bedtime. Bummed I have to pump and dump for 24 hours. I’m pissed I cant eat for more than 12 hours. But it is what it is. At 1:30 I will hopefully be on my way to having 1 hoboless pelvic region.

With all this going on, I find it hard to finish a post. I’m too distracted looking up videoes of surgeries and planning Ollie’s week of bottles (thank heavens for formula). So I called upon my blogging friends (soon to all be IRL friends. SQUEE) and was met with promises of ranty guest posts. Starting tomorrow, it’s time to celebrate the eviction with some good ole motherhood rants from

Brandee of Chill Mama Chill

Alicia of Life with Ladies

Katherine of Somewhere in the Middle Blog

Beth Anne of Okay BA

Laura of Laura’s Mommy Journal

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