Other mommy guilt

After a 10 mile run

I am having mommy guilt.  And not about the norm.  I know I spend quality time with Landon.  We play all evening until he goes to bed during the weekday.  I don’t feel guilty working.  I know I am a better parent for working.  No dissing to any SAHMs.  Just the way it is for me.  No no…I am happy with my mothering of Landon.  My mommy guilt is coming from my other baby.  Jack Jack.  I am horrible.  I always promise to take him for a walk or run in the evening…but I get home, finally get Landon occupied with something and then I need to fix dinner.  Then I play with Landon, then it is time for bath.  I get downstairs to see Jack just looking at me, ready to bolt into the yard for his frisbee…but it’s dark and I have to make our dinner.  We do get to play some when it is nice out and Landon wants to play outside.  LTe plays with his tee ball set and I throw the frisbee for Jack.  He goes to daycare once a week to play and I usually do a long run with him on the weekends but I know I need to do more but when?  How do you deal with a family AND an active doggy?

P.S. To brag, he is a champion running partner.  He always stays right beside me and I am pretty sure he could have done that half marathon with me…and still would want to play frisbee when we got home. The longest run he has ever done is 10 miles.  People are always impressed 🙂


  1. I feel the same way about my “first baby” (a Boston Terrier named Vader). When it FINALLY warms up, I need to get better about taking him out (with his “little brother”) on long walks.

  2. if you figure this one out, let me know. we have two active dogs. well reese (dobie) is WAY more active than Cali (mutt), but still. we use to play with them on the beach all the time before child and when we were within a 5 min drive of the beach. now, when i get home i feel like it’s a scramble to eat, bath, bed and then i’m tired from working all day and don’t feel like taking the dogs out on a run…plus it’s a HUGE pain to walk with both of them and one of us has to stay at the house with the sleeping child. if we had a fenced in back yard, we could play with them and not worry about them running off…but we don’t. we’re now about an hour drive from the beach (even though it’s right there). some day before they die maybe we’ll play with them more.

  3. Oh I SO HEAR you on this one. Lexie is like Jack – needs, wants, LOVES to run. I have horrible guilt with my “parenting” of her – it’s crazy bad. I know she is getting about 10% of what she needs from me… but in the end – there is no way even as nutty as it is – that we could ever be without her by choice. So you do the best you can, and know that it will get better – and they still love you no matter what. I spoil her more with snuggles and let her in my lap when we are zoned out in the evenings and she’s so happy! It’s different – not better or worse – just different I guess.

  4. I feel this way about my cats. With them, it’s not about getting them outside to get active, obviously, but it’s about “cuddle time.” My one cat especially is very needy, and I have almost no patience for it. After I get my LO to bed, all I want to do is sit quietly by myself. I feel guilty each time I push little Callie off my lap as she starts kneading me like she has since the day she came into our lives 8 years ago.

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