Ok the google image may have not been a bright idea

So I had been trying to come up with a name for the fetus. Our first baby was pumpkin because of an October due date. After that, we were so excited  to see a healthy heartbeat with Landon, we deemed him Thumper. This time I haven’t been inspired. Just nada. But the glory now is we have a toddler full of random.

He doesn’t really understand the baby thing quite yet but we have “told” him. We ask things like does he think it’s a boy or a girl. Does he want a brother or sister?  He always says girl/sister. No hesitation. It’s funny. So along with that, we have asked him what we should name the baby. Every single time he says Dolphin. I even got it on video the first time.  (He also shows you his new favorite Thomas pillow…brace yourself)

So errbody, meet Dolphin “Regular Cars” Mann.

Clearly swimming....


  1. You must spell it EXACTLY how he says it. Dolphin Lellegullalar Cars Mann. <- a future president, obviously.

    PS- I could listen to you say the word "friend" over and over and over. It's hella awesome.

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