Ollie Beans Turns 1!

So_this_is_happening_today.____A whole year. Whoa. That went…swiftly. Ollie, you are a sight to behold. You came into this world quickly and do nothing slow. You are…me. It’s scary to already see. You head dive off the couch. You have my smirk and side eye. You know what you want and will work your magic to get it {me}.

All of this is true of me but you are a Daddy’s boy very clearly. When he walks in the room, you go bananas. You leap from my arms for your Daddy and he loves every second of it {especially when your brother is having one of THOSE days}. After my trip away from you guys, you have a bond I wish all dads get to have.

You will sit in his lap {and other people’s} for long stretches just chilling playing with a toy. Me? Not so much. I am a jungle gym or chariot to take you somewhere you can’t tell me just yet. It’s quite the job. But I guess I am the maker of the grub. You know what’s up. With that, we tried to hold you off on solids. But that wouldn’t do. Nope. You needed to be a big boy and shovel bananas before the 5 month mark.


There isn’t a fruit you don’t love and demand violently at dinner. We have to hide it behind the napkins just to delay the inevitable grunting and tray slams. I’m pretty sure you are 75% blueberries some days.

You stopped nursing around 9 months and stopped bottles by 11. Clearly this “baby” world is not your bag. And that’s fine. Not mine either. ::fistbump::

Being a little big boy is a challenge you rise to. You wanted to sit up like a big boy as quickly as possible and so you did before 6 months. You wanted to see the world…and I suspect plan our demise. You’ve been studying us all. What Landon’s favorite toys are..so you can get them. What potentially hazardous thing looks good and grabby…so you can make Daddy gray. You even chase the dog and covet his prized hot dog toy more than anything we own.

Second_children__amirightYou’ve already climbed the stairs with no assistance, something your brother didn’t until much older. You’ve spent mornings reaching out of your crib and even pulled the curtains off the wall while chewing the sides. You attempt to open every cabinet and pull things out from under furniture like a pro. We? Are totally screwed.

Your love for your brother has been constant since early on. He got the first smiles and giggles. When I bring you to his room in the morning, you leap from my arms and crawl to his bed squealing the whole way. Only thing better is when I get him first and put him in your crib with you. He always makes sure you have the toys you like. Recently you have learned to wrestle with him and spend many evenings taking turns rolling over daddy on the floor. When Mommy and Daddy have to pick you both up from daycare solo, Landon is so excited to show off his baby. Wanting you to play in the sandbox and “chase” him. The giggles are intoxicating.

Watching you grow has been fascinating. We knew what’s coming in some regards since we did this once before but you still seem to throw us curve balls every day.


A few facts:

Favorite Food – Fruit…probably blueberries or grapes

Favorite Song – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us (you calm immediately upon hearing it)

Favorite Person – Daddy

First Word – Dada or Jack Jack

First Sign – All done

Favorite Toys – leftover syringes from tylenol bottles, a plastic wrench from the kid’s toolkit, a green puff ball you found in Landon’s room and the Pampered Chef rice steamer pots.

Over the year, we have called you a lot of things including:

  • Oliver
  • Ollie
  • Ollie Wallie
  • Ollie Beans and shortened to just Beans now
  • Trouble
  • Mini Me
  • Ollie D {to be paired with Lando T}
  • Oviler{your brother still can’t get your name right…and we will never correct him}

You have completed our family, Ollie and we love you so much. You keep us on our toes and in wonder of what the future will hold. Happy Birthday, Baby Boy.


7 thoughts on “Ollie Beans Turns 1!

  • July 29, 2013 at 9:24 am

    I love you & I’ve never met you, sweet boy.
    Happy 1st birthday Ollie!
    Love: all your Higgy ladies (and that’s a lot of us, eh:)

  • July 29, 2013 at 11:36 am

    Happy Birthday, Ollie Beans! You are a stud and I certainly have enjoyed reading about all your adventures. Oh and one more thing… don’t tell anyone but I think you hit the jackpot with that mom of yours. 😉 Enjoy your next year! Can’t wait to read more of your adventures. 🙂

  • July 29, 2013 at 2:33 pm


    I still remember the night you were born Ollie….happily 3 hours behind your mama I was along for the ride….figuratively and over iMessage but still. Virtual doula’s really DO exist 😉

  • July 29, 2013 at 10:09 pm

    Happy Birthday Beans! He is just the cutest. Gotta love second children!

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