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rp_IMG_2213-1024x768.jpegHi. New here? Yesterday Ollie and I appeared on ABC 11 here in Raleigh to talk about his bout with Periorbital Cellulitis . Also in the story, the anchor teased that this blog chronicled my parenting adventures and how this isn’t my first weird medical diagnosis. She was right. For whatever reason, I seem to be the resident “oh my friend had that” spokesperson. I choose to write about these thing because a)I cope by laughing at myself and b) I figure I might as well calm people down in their Google searches. So I thought I would take the time to highlight all the wonderful things that I have experienced.


I have had 2 miscarriages. I had totally different reactions to each of them. This was really how this all started in wanting to talk about the tough things so other people can feel comfort. Mark Zuckerburg actually just came out about this recently as well noting how little it is talked about. I want to change that. Read those posts here:

Sad News

Good Info on Recurrent Miscarriages

Confession Time

Lady Issues

I am not shy. I’ve talked about a variety of lady issues including bladder problems during pregnancy, birth control and even sex. Behold!

Knixwear Review – Where I talk about a variety of things and review underwear

Consider Me Miles Davis – Incontinence during pregnancy and beyond

Love, Sex & Bonding – A series I did with my friends around the trials of marriage and sex.

That Time I Got Mother Effin Shingles – Yup. With a 2 month old.

My Missing Mirena – I had an IUD go through my uterus

My Found Mirena – Then I had surgery to get it out and the pictures are amazeballs

Birth Control with Gifs! – I discuss the outcome of the mirena incident and tout the Diva Cup!

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

I suffered from anxiety and some depression after both kids. I want to make sure everyone has a voice in their recovery.

Therapy Writing

Motherhood Mental Health 

I hate – Word vomit from a dark place…and how I went for help

Let’s Talk about PPD Part 1  & Part 2

Kid Ailments

If my kids get something out of the ordinary, I blog about it.

The Cheeks – Ollie’s Eczema

Pinworms – Yup. Gross

Periorbital Cellulitis – you know this one

Tale of Ole Corn Nose – How to get corn out of a toddler’s nose

Asian Pear Allergy – Yeah. Random, I know

Breastfeeding Woes


Other Popular Posts

These are just a few of the posts I get the most comments and traffic on.

Wonder Week 19 or the 4 Month Sleep Regression – Got a 4 month old that won’t sleep? You aren’t alone, my friend.

Sleep When the Baby Sleeps – Why good intention advice makes me stabby

Toddler Dinners – I write about kid good A LOT.


So there ya go. All the weird in one place.

One thought on “Welcome to Brandy’s House of Medical Mysteries!

  • August 5, 2015 at 8:48 pm

    My son had Preorbital Cellulitis a month ago! Before that , I had never heard of it. Unfortunately, he didn’t respond to oral antibiotics and was hospitalized for 6 days where he received IV antibiotics and was put under sedation to drain the abscess! It was quite scary but thankfully he has bounced back. He has one more follow-up with the eye doctors in a couple of weeks but it seems to be healing properly.


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